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Who will you make happy with an auction-fresh field bouquet, a cheerful picking bouquet or a classic round arrangement? At Amsterdam Flowers you can have the most beautiful flowers delivered in Amstelveen. If you like, today! Choose your favourite bouquet and order now!

We deliver the arrangement of your choice to any address in Amstelveen. This could be at someone's home, but we are also happy to deliver a bouquet to someone at work or in hospital, for example! You can choose to schedule an order, but if you want, we can deliver it today! If we receive your order before 2:00pm (Saturday before 12:00pm), we can deliver it for you today.

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Flowers fresh from the auction, for over 40 years

At Amsterdam Flowers we have been providing bouquets of the highest quality for 40 years. It all starts with selecting the most beautiful flowers at the auction. Early every morning our florist goes to the flower auction to buy the best flowers of the day. By arranging these flowers into a bouquet just before they go out, we ensure that the flowers arrive perfectly fresh to the lucky recipient. This means that all our bouquets stay beautiful for at least 7 days and probably much longer!

Your sustainable florist in Amstelveen

Sustainability also plays an important role in everything we do at Amsterdam Flowers. That is why we are a member of the Barometer Sustainable Florist and are proud of our gold quality label! We have earned this label by paying close attention to how our flowers are grown when we buy them. We are also very careful about the cleaning products we use and ensure that our energy consumption remains low, for example by using electric vans and properly insulating our building. In this way we ensure that our bouquets have a minimal impact on the environment!

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What kind of flower arrangement would you like to have delivered in Amstelveen?

When choosing the perfect flower arrangement, we recommend that you first think about what the recipient will like. Is he really a nature lover and does that person like things vibrant and happy? Then a nice, bouncy field bouquet is always perfect. But could it be a bit tighter and neater? Then, in our opinion, a classic round bouquet is very beautiful. A seasonal bouquet is also always possible. These bouquets are suitable with the most beautiful flowers that bloom the most beautifully. This way you are guaranteed the most beautiful fresh flowers of the moment!

Make your fresh bouquet extra special with a gift

There are few things more fun than receiving a bouquet of flowers. But if there is one thing that is, it is receiving a bouquet with a fantastic gift! After all, how fantastic is it to discover, after accepting that big bunch of colours and scents, that it also comes with a box of chocolates or a bottle of fine wine? Do you really want to impress? Then choose one of our unique combination bouquets and have it delivered to your door!

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Would you like to have flowers delivered in Amstelveen today?

Who should we deliver your flowers to in Amstelveen? To your mother, because she is always there for you? To that special someone because you care so much about him or her? Or to your colleague, because he or she has stood in for you so well? Whoever it is, we will deliver the most beautiful bouquet of fresh auction flowers to any address in Amstelveen. Do you order before 14:00 (or Saturday 12:00)? Then you can even do it today!

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Through our website you can have flowers delivered anywhere in the Netherlands. We have a national network of professional florists. We deliver to Lijnden, Zwanenburg, Landsmeer, Halfweg, Amsterdam, Badhoevedorp, Amstelveen and Diemen.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I really have a floral arrangement delivered today?

Yes, no jokes! Our flower shop is located near Amstelveen, so we can easily deliver your flowers the same day. Would you like to have flowers delivered today? Make sure that we receive your order before 14:00 on weekdays or before 12:00 on Saturdays and indicate that you want it delivered the same day.

Can I also deliver a bouquet to the hospital in Amstelveen?

Would you like to encourage someone who is in hospital recovering from an operation? You can do it with flowers! We have a collection of Get Well Soon bouquets especially for this occasion. Would you like to send a beautiful bouquet to someone in hospital? To be sure, check if the ward allows flowers and don't forget to include the room number in your notes!

What if the recipient does not open the door when the courier arrives?

No problem! If the recipient is not at home, we will leave the bouquet with a neighbour. We will send a card with the address where the bouquet can be collected. What if there isn't a single neighbour at home? Then we take the bouquet back to the florist for collection.

What is a nice bouquet for my wife?

How thoughtful of you to surprise your wife with flowers! Flowers are the most romantic gift there is and will set her heart on fire like never before! Our florists have created this special collection of romantic bouquets especially for romantics like you. Let your heart speak with roses and other flowers in intense colours.

How much does it cost to have a bouquet delivered?

Delivery of a bouquet costs EUR 6.95 per order.

How do I make sure my bouquet stays beautiful for a long time?

We guarantee that the bouquet will stay in the vase for at least 7 days. By taking good care of your flowers, you can significantly extend their life. Always cut the flowers diagonally before placing them in the vase. Use a sharp knife so that the stems remain intact and can absorb water well. Most importantly, use clean water! Tap water is fine, but make sure it stays clean. So clean the vase before use and watch out for leaves hanging in the vase!

Can I add a nice card to the bouquet?

Of course you can! When you order flowers in Amstelveen from Amsterdam Flowers, you can choose from a variety of beautiful cards. For every occasion there is a suitable card on which you can write whatever you like. Just mention your name and keep it simple, or go all out and close the card completely. The choice is yours!