Fleurop Interflora

What is Fleurop?

Fleurop Interflora the Netherlands for over 80 years specializing in sending flowers, nationally and internationally. In the Netherlands, more than 1,300 affiliated florists at Fleurop. Worldwide there are 51,000, spread over more than 135 countries! Fleurop sets certain quality to her florists and therefore gives the Fleurop florist you extra quality and service.

For consumers and businesses

Flowers are a wonderful product for each message you want to convey. Both a personal and a business message. Flowers or plants as gifts, promotional tool or atmosphere in a company.

Why Fleurop?

Fleurop has a national and global network of florists. The big advantage is that you Fleurop over the world flowers can be delivered in less than 135 countries! Each year brings bouquets Fleurop 40 million worldwide, of which half million in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, Fleurop with its 1,300 members nationwide coverage.

Symbol of quality

In the Netherlands recognizes the connected florist at Fleurop-vignette with the Mercury man. This vignette is the symbol for the better flowers specialist. Fleurop gives 100% guarantee on the execution of contracts.

Freshness Guarantee

The Fleurop florists buy flowers in fresh daily. On delivery we give you five days a freshness guarantee.

Fast and reliable delivery

When you order before 12:00, the bouquet same day delivery (except Sundays and public holidays).

The National and International Flowercheque

Besides that delivery of flowers you can contact us also the National Flower ordering. A nice and always appreciated gift. The receiver is at leisure a beautiful bouquet, plant or accessory figuring in every Fleurop florist in Netherlands. The National Flower is valid indefinitely and already available from 5 euros. We also have an international bloemenbon. This is available in the values 10 and 20 Fleurin (1 Fleurin = 1 euro). This international bloemenbon is redeemable worldwide and is available at the Fleurop florist.